Saturday, March 2, 2013

In The Demons' Head: Hospitals Smell Like Death

In The Demon’s Head #86: Hospitals Smell Like Death
March 2, 2013

Hello everyone and happy beginning of March to you. You know what that means? March Madness, no I’m not talking about the basketball tourney. I don’t care about that personally but I do care about the spin off ideas that seem to pop up of 64 participate tournaments of different styles. Those are something to look forward to.

I’ve been promising this post for a couple of days now and there’s a reason that I haven’t delivered like I normally do. The reason is that I’ve been in the hospital for the last couple of days. I had an accident at work and fell hitting my head and is lead to me being diagnosed with a mild concussion this morning. In short that’s why this post was promised and ended up late.

Either way enough about the fact that this post was late and let’s get to what’s going on in my world.

Photoblogging Challenge Done (For Now)

When the idea of the Photoblogging Challenge was introduced to me back at the end of January by Liz I wasn’t sure if I’d like it but as I did it I have to say that it worked. I only did it for a couple of weeks and I wanted to go about doing it a different way but that idea failed.

The more I thought about the more I questioned the amount of time that I was putting in on that blogging challenge and I realized there was a number of things, that included Stories and Other things that I wanted to get done and doing that challenge every day didn’t give me the time to do that like I would have wanted.

With that said the Photoblogging Challenge is done but only for now. When the time and chance reappears I will do them again because it broadens my working spectrum and it gives me the chance to put out pieces regularly which I think is a very good thing.

So that leaves the question then what am I going to do?

Monthly Pieces Will Continue

I know I said in an earlier post that I would be eliminating the monthly Pieces. I made this decision because I thought a monthly piece on top of the Photoblogging Challenge would be redundant. Since I haven’t been able to do the photoblogging I feel that the monthly pieces will make a good fit going forward. Here as a treat I will give to those reading this, the March free Writing will be called “From the 35th Floor” and will be the first non-poetry piece that I’m writing for this free pieces. I don’t know a date yet that it will be released but it will be later this month.

“Life After Dark” Is Available NOW!

The Blackout Series launched last Wednesday to massive response from the Smashwords Crowd. I haven’t been able to release it to Amazon due to the fact that the story is Free. I was also going to put it on Wattpad but for some reason the spacing went ridiculous and it just would have been horrible to read.

I want as many people to read this book as possible so I’m asking you to take a moment and download your Free Copy of “Life After Dark” by clicking here and in the process you can also pick up my first book, “More Than Memories” for free as well.

I’m not sure when the second story will be released but I expect it to be some time around May and it will only be 99 cents. That’s for a bit later though and I promise to release more information on that story as we move toward that.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Again I must apologize that this post came far later then I had promised. I hope you guys are enjoying your weekends, or what’s left of it. If you would like to sign up to have the post sent directly to your email you can do so by putting your email in the box above to the right. You can also follow me on Facebook, and Twitter.

Until the next time you want to take a trip through the gates of hell and into the demon’s Head I’m Kyle Robinson wishing you a safe trip back to the surface.

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