Monday, June 3, 2013

I'm Not Going Away

So many blogs, they fall by the wayside. I've continued to improve and hone my writing, while maintaining "In The Demon's Head"

That's why today I'd like to announce that it's moving. The idea, the feel, and the timing seemed right for a new home. I love blogger, but I feel that I needed to bring the blog to a more complete home and that's what I've done by featuring it primarily on my website.

To visit the home of the new blog, click here.

For those of you who are subscribed... this last post is for you. I don't want to lose your eyes, in fact I just want to help them find me better. I love everyone whose commented, subscribed, and enjoyed this blog.I can only hope that you'll do me the kindness of joining me on my new home,

All under one banner, Robinson's Writings: I write with an edge, and I aim to give you nightmares.

Thank you so much everyone,

Love Kyle

Friday, May 31, 2013

Hell In The Shadows

In The Demon's Head #119: Hell In The Shadows
May 31, 2013

Hello everyone, it's finally Friday. I know most people worked a 4-day week, but you can't deny that you were looking forward to the weekend. My week has found itself slightly uneventful. I did however, finish the edits on "Rock The Cradle" and it's been sent off to my editor. I'll likely start writing the next two volumes of the "Blackout" series next week. If you haven't picked up your copies of the first two you can do that on Smashwords, or get them both in one book on Amazon. Let's take a look at today's picture:

Hell In The Shadows
The music started loud,
And got louder still,
Only 5 minutes in,
The lights,
Disoriented us,
Damn near drove us mad,
Then it happened,
He came into the crowd,
"Surprise Mother Fuckers!"
And he threw two canisters,
Directly into the crowd,
Everyone thought it was part of the show,
But in my head,
I knew better,
But my body couldn't move,
It was almost as if fear,
Or suspense,
Paralyzed me,
I felt every fiber of my body tickle,
Everything slowed down,
I watched the first canister,
Explode into the air,
It shot metal in all directions,
And I dropped,
Only managing to be missed,
By inches,
Others around me,
Weren't so lucky,
They found themselves impaled,
With the metal,
And they fell,
Almost as if on top of each other,
In a loving embrace,
Between them,
I watched the second canister explode,
This one shot gas into the air,
It floated to the ceiling,
And spread,
Before finally falling,
And immediately,
The crowd,
Myself included,
Began to cough,
Soon there was vomit,
And some of those closest to me,
Began to vomit blood,
I felt my lungs,
Trying hard to work,
But they were fighting with themselves,
Attempting to shut down,
My vision was blacking out,
As I heard footsteps,
A man walked into the center,
Wearing a mask,
He took one hand,
Pulled it off,
And stared around at his work,
With a wicked smile,
He took his other hand,
And pulled a gun out of his waist band,
And in a blink,
His brains were sprayed across the floor,
And as my breath continued to flee,
I watched him,
Hit in the floor in a mess,
And in that moment,
A thought became crystal clear to me,
All of us,
Weren't the center point of this,
The man in the mask,
Did all he could,
For his 15 minutes of fame,
The news had taught him murder was his ticket to the top,
And he took the advice,
Of those in the twisted media,

About The Piece

This piece was ripped straight out of the headlines. The fact is, our media portrays killers in a light that they shouldn't. I'm not going to harp on the way things are done, I'll let the piece speak for itself. But the Hell from the Shadows is a reality that is all too common, and no longer keeps itself in our nightmares.

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Until the next time you want to take a trip through the gates of hell and into the demon's head, I'm Kyle Robinson wishing you a safe trip back to the surface. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fire In The Sky

In The Demon's Head #118: The Fire In The Sky

May 29, 2013

Hello everyone. In case you're wondering, this is the first post this week. I took Monday off in honor of Memorial Day. I'm back today though with a new picture, and a new piece. If you haven't done so yet, you can pick up "Six Feet Under" from both Smashwords, and Amazon. Let's check out today's picture.

The Fire In The Sky
It pulled toward Earth,
Faster than originally planned,
They watched,
And braced themselves,
For impact,
And when it did,
The world as we knew it,
Was destroyed,
By a wasteland,
That was barely inhabitable,
Died out,
Almost as fast people,
Leaving behind,
Only those,
That managed to salvage,
And survive,
Turned on each other,
And death ran rampant,
Order was restored,
A unified government,
Was founded,
And We served as one,
Under one,
War became an afterthought,
There weren't enough left for that,
And We as a people,
Mankind survived,
And became better,
After the tragic events of that day,
The future seems bright,
For Earth,
And for her people,

About This Piece

I wanted this piece to turn out almost like it did. It was, in essence, a history of what could happen to earth. I loved the idea that I started with, but as I reached the end, I wasn't sure how to put an end to it. I think that may be slightly apparent here, but if not then I did a good job. In the end this may be a subject that I visit in the future. You never know what could come next.

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Until the next time you want to take a trip through the gates of hell, I'm Kyle Robinson wishing you a safe trip back to the surface.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Deal Me In

In The Demon's Head #117: Deal Me In
May 24, 2013

It's finally Friday. I'd like to take a moment and say a special hello and good luck to my Fiancée Liz Butler as she begins a new venture coming weekend. I'm very excited, and I feel that she'll do well. Second, if you haven't picked up a copy of "Six Feet Under" yet you can do that either at Smashwords or get the Dual pack of "Life After Dark" and "Six Feet Under" at Amazon for the first time, both are only $.99. As far as promotion goes, that's all I've got. I'd like to say thanks to everyone who reads this blog regularly. Let's take a look at today's picture:

Deal Me In

We're still not sure how it started,
We were playing cards,
And out of nowhere,
A sound came from the back,
Like an explosion,
We thought that it was just something,
On the street,
But then,
The fire began to engulf the entire building,
At a rapid pace,
The doors were blocked,
And the windows,
We couldn't get out,
The fire burned slowly,
But spread,
It kept us all in,
Then there was another explosion,
This time,
It came from the kitchen,
We felt the building start to shake,
And finally it came down,
Everything was black


I came to,
The sunlight outside,
And the fresh air was nice,
I looked around,
And there was  Paul,
Tim, and James,
They were sitting at the table,
I walked over,
"What the hell happened?"
I looked down,
And realized the cards,
They were playing with,
Were completely charred,
Leaving the numbers,
And suits,
Barely visible,
I sat down,
And looked around,
All of their faces,
Were melted,
They seemed to be missing the entire side,
I could see eye sockets,
And in Paul's case,
There was a piece of his brain,
Almost as if left there by accident,
Lodged in the side of his cheek,
"Are you in?" James asked.
"What happened?" I asked again,
"The bar caught fire,
And collapsed,
They cleaned it all up,
But we're still here,
You took the longest to come to,
We've already played 3 hands,
So are you in?"
I looked around,
And for the first time I noticed,
People walking by,
And not giving us a second glance,
I looked back,
Thought about everything that could come,
And took a deep breath,
Deal me In."

About the Piece

"Deal Me In" was an idea that came as soon as I saw the picture. I kind of got my inspiration from a short story that I read of Stephen Kings' some years ago. All in all I have to say that these three pieces may be some of my favorites that I've ever done. I have to say thanks to everyone whose read them and enjoyed them. I'd also like to take a moment and dedicate this piece to my brand new Nephew, Logan Hoss, who was born this morning.

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Until the next time you want to take a trip, through the gates of hell and into the demon's head, I'm Kyle Robinson wishing you a safe trip back to the surface.  

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dream Catcher

In The Demon's Head #116: Dream catcher

May 22, 2013
Hello everyone, It's now Wednesday. Normally, Wednesday wouldn't mark a huge day in the week, other than it telling it that we're closer to Friday. Today, however, that's not the case. Today means that we are one day removed from the release of "Six Feet Under" If you haven't picked it up yet, you can do on Smashwords, and you can get "Six Feet Under" and "Life After Dark"  both in a dual pack on Amazon. Both are only $.99. That's enough of the shameless self-promotion  Let's take a look at today's picture.

Dream catcher
It hangs by the head of my bed,
Protecting me,
At least that's what they say,
But in reality,
What it's doing,
Is nothing at all,
They said that it would protect my dreams,
And leave the nightmares,
But in fact,
The nightmares,
Are the only thing that seem,
To slip through the crack,
That's all I seem to get,
Is nightmares,
Every night,
They come to me,
But same in their own sick way,
All massive,
All hunting me,
Chasing me thorough the forest,
And every time,
I wake up,
As I reach the cliff,
Overhanging the water,
Every day,
It's exactly the same,
When I wake up,
I look at the catcher on the wall,
And here lately,
I've noticed blood,
Lots of blood,
Just caked to the outside,
I wash it,
Though I don't know why I owe it anything,
I think that I want to believe,
That things will be different,
If I'm nice,
But I know better,
I'll hang it up just one more time,
See if maybe I can get lucky


Weeks have passed,
And my nightmares have gotten worse,
There is also more blood,
So much more blood,
Leaking off the walls,
Almost as if,
Creeping closer,
Closer to me,
I'm afraid of what may happen,
When it finally reaches me,
I could move,
But in my gut,
I know that won't help,
I don't know how,
Or why I know that,
But I do,
I just wish I knew,
What it wanted,
I try to scrub away the blood,
So they don't see,
But it's almost becoming impossible,
I'm losing my hope,
And will,
To care,
Maybe tonight will be the night,
The nightmares Take me,


This forest,
It's all too familiar,
I'm running,
Chased by everything,
That I fear,
I run,
Dodging the trees,
Almost now,
Out of memory,
I can't do anything about it,
I run,
And run,
I know it's coming,
Almost counting the steps til it does,
This time,
Almost as if not thinking,
I don't stop,
Instead I run,
Jump into the waterfall,
And take a breath as I hit the water,
And the world goes dark,


We found him this morning,
He was in bed,
The walls were a blood red,
Almost inviting in a way,
The dreamcatcher,
That our dad gave him,
Before he died,
Was tethered,
And tangled,
And caked in blood,
He was covered in blood,
Head to toe,
Almost as if he'd bathed in it,
And the dreamcatcher,
When they took it down,
Had its loom twisted,
Almost into the shape,
Of a sinister smile,

About The Piece

"Dream Catchers" was literally out of nowhere. In fact it's one of those pieces that I absolutely love because it comes out of nowhere. I write it, and it just happens. Those are the fun pieces that you write as an artist and I think that it showed with this piece. I hope you guys enjoy, and I'd love a share of the post.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

The Street Lamp

In The Demon's Head #115: The Street Lamp
May 20, 2013

Monday is upon us once again. I'd like to blame Monday for all the problems that everyone seems to find, but the fact is, it's not Monday's fault. If we got rid of Monday, then Tuesday would be the bitch. I could go on all day, talking about how much we hate the work week but there's no point. Instead of bitching, let's share a piece of writing to intrigue your brain. Let's take a look at the picture:

The Street Lamp

In sat in the middle of town,
All alone,
Almost inviting,
Asking for someone to come along,
The light,
Lit up only a small area,
But that lamp,
Seems like it's glow,
Is inviting me in,
But the lamp,
Is forbidden,
The town,
Looks at the lamp,
Like an omen,
But I'm not sure,
What to think,
The lamp,
Seems to welcome those,
From out of nowhere,
They show up under the lamp,
And then leave town,
The lamp,
Is almost like a beacon,
For those,
That are different,
Different how,
I'm not sure,
But they all seem,
Like they could,
Walk through doors,
It was almost,
As if you could see through them,
They never made noise,
And they just seemed to come out of thin air,
I've questioned the origin of this lamp,
But no one seems to know,
The birds sit up-top of the lamp,
And peer down,
I think the birds,
Call to those,
On the other side,
I can't understand the light,
But I want to walk,
Through the light,
To see what the light does,
And where it goes,
Consider this note,
My last note,
Before I take that walk,
If this lamp,
Takes me away,
I'll never return,
I can only hope,
To those who love me,
I'd like to say I love you to,
And what could possibly be,
My goodbye,

About The Piece

This piece was kind of strange. I wasn't 100% sure where I wanted to go but I enjoyed this piece and it is a bit of a strange piece. I hope you guys like it.

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