Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dream Catcher

In The Demon's Head #116: Dream catcher

May 22, 2013
Hello everyone, It's now Wednesday. Normally, Wednesday wouldn't mark a huge day in the week, other than it telling it that we're closer to Friday. Today, however, that's not the case. Today means that we are one day removed from the release of "Six Feet Under" If you haven't picked it up yet, you can do on Smashwords, and you can get "Six Feet Under" and "Life After Dark"  both in a dual pack on Amazon. Both are only $.99. That's enough of the shameless self-promotion  Let's take a look at today's picture.

Dream catcher
It hangs by the head of my bed,
Protecting me,
At least that's what they say,
But in reality,
What it's doing,
Is nothing at all,
They said that it would protect my dreams,
And leave the nightmares,
But in fact,
The nightmares,
Are the only thing that seem,
To slip through the crack,
That's all I seem to get,
Is nightmares,
Every night,
They come to me,
But same in their own sick way,
All massive,
All hunting me,
Chasing me thorough the forest,
And every time,
I wake up,
As I reach the cliff,
Overhanging the water,
Every day,
It's exactly the same,
When I wake up,
I look at the catcher on the wall,
And here lately,
I've noticed blood,
Lots of blood,
Just caked to the outside,
I wash it,
Though I don't know why I owe it anything,
I think that I want to believe,
That things will be different,
If I'm nice,
But I know better,
I'll hang it up just one more time,
See if maybe I can get lucky


Weeks have passed,
And my nightmares have gotten worse,
There is also more blood,
So much more blood,
Leaking off the walls,
Almost as if,
Creeping closer,
Closer to me,
I'm afraid of what may happen,
When it finally reaches me,
I could move,
But in my gut,
I know that won't help,
I don't know how,
Or why I know that,
But I do,
I just wish I knew,
What it wanted,
I try to scrub away the blood,
So they don't see,
But it's almost becoming impossible,
I'm losing my hope,
And will,
To care,
Maybe tonight will be the night,
The nightmares Take me,


This forest,
It's all too familiar,
I'm running,
Chased by everything,
That I fear,
I run,
Dodging the trees,
Almost now,
Out of memory,
I can't do anything about it,
I run,
And run,
I know it's coming,
Almost counting the steps til it does,
This time,
Almost as if not thinking,
I don't stop,
Instead I run,
Jump into the waterfall,
And take a breath as I hit the water,
And the world goes dark,


We found him this morning,
He was in bed,
The walls were a blood red,
Almost inviting in a way,
The dreamcatcher,
That our dad gave him,
Before he died,
Was tethered,
And tangled,
And caked in blood,
He was covered in blood,
Head to toe,
Almost as if he'd bathed in it,
And the dreamcatcher,
When they took it down,
Had its loom twisted,
Almost into the shape,
Of a sinister smile,

About The Piece

"Dream Catchers" was literally out of nowhere. In fact it's one of those pieces that I absolutely love because it comes out of nowhere. I write it, and it just happens. Those are the fun pieces that you write as an artist and I think that it showed with this piece. I hope you guys enjoy, and I'd love a share of the post.

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Until the next time you want to take a trip through the gates of hell, and into the demon's head, I'm Kyle Robinson wishing you a safe trip back to the surface.

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