Monday, May 20, 2013

The Street Lamp

In The Demon's Head #115: The Street Lamp
May 20, 2013

Monday is upon us once again. I'd like to blame Monday for all the problems that everyone seems to find, but the fact is, it's not Monday's fault. If we got rid of Monday, then Tuesday would be the bitch. I could go on all day, talking about how much we hate the work week but there's no point. Instead of bitching, let's share a piece of writing to intrigue your brain. Let's take a look at the picture:

The Street Lamp

In sat in the middle of town,
All alone,
Almost inviting,
Asking for someone to come along,
The light,
Lit up only a small area,
But that lamp,
Seems like it's glow,
Is inviting me in,
But the lamp,
Is forbidden,
The town,
Looks at the lamp,
Like an omen,
But I'm not sure,
What to think,
The lamp,
Seems to welcome those,
From out of nowhere,
They show up under the lamp,
And then leave town,
The lamp,
Is almost like a beacon,
For those,
That are different,
Different how,
I'm not sure,
But they all seem,
Like they could,
Walk through doors,
It was almost,
As if you could see through them,
They never made noise,
And they just seemed to come out of thin air,
I've questioned the origin of this lamp,
But no one seems to know,
The birds sit up-top of the lamp,
And peer down,
I think the birds,
Call to those,
On the other side,
I can't understand the light,
But I want to walk,
Through the light,
To see what the light does,
And where it goes,
Consider this note,
My last note,
Before I take that walk,
If this lamp,
Takes me away,
I'll never return,
I can only hope,
To those who love me,
I'd like to say I love you to,
And what could possibly be,
My goodbye,

About The Piece

This piece was kind of strange. I wasn't 100% sure where I wanted to go but I enjoyed this piece and it is a bit of a strange piece. I hope you guys like it.

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