Friday, May 17, 2013

Behind Closed Doors

In The Demon's Head #114: Behind Closed Doors

May 17, 2013

It's Friday, the work week will be coming to a close for some, and for others, the weekend doesn't meet shit. This week though I've managed to do a lot of reading and learning, it's one thing I love about the writing business. It's a business where you can never stop learning, and improving. I hope that you guys have enjoyed this weeks' post. I enjoy doing these a lot more now than I did at the start and I look forward to giving you more. Enough of that though, let's move onto the picture:

Behind Closed Doors
I've been here for I don't know how long,
I was taken from a garage by work,
And now,
I haven't seen anything but the inside of this room,
Since I don't know when,
It could be days,
It could be weeks,
I don't know,
Because when he comes in,
He hits me,
And I'm out,
I could have been out days,
I don't know what he does,
But I know there are welps on my back,
They hurt,
There are tears on my clothes,
I always know he's coming,
Because he opens a small part of the door,
And laughs,
It's the stuff nightmares are made of,
And you always only think,
It won't be me,
But I wasn't able to get away,
I tried,
And I failed,
So now,
I'm chained to this wall,
There is no escape,
Years may come,
Before I'm ever found,
I want to give up hope,
But that's not the kind of person I am,
I feel the pain,
And the heat,
From all over my body,
Then the door slides open,
And light floods the room,
I feel scared,
I know what's coming,
Because I'm watching it,
From above,
He's so blinded,
By his own rage,
And lust,
That he doesn't realize,
I'll never leave,
At least not in terms of my body,
Because I'm dead,
He broke my neck,
Shortly after I got here,
It happened when he hit me once,
And there was nothing I could do,
Now I'm trapped here,
Only hoping that one day someone may find the body,
Because that's my only hope for escape,
Until then,
I'll continue to be subjected,
To the hell,
Of being in the presence,
Of a Satan in the flesh,

About The Piece

"Behind Closed Doors" is a something that came to me after watching the news as of late. My mind works in twisted ways but I think that this piece turned out okay, it's dark, evil, and shows that humanity is kind of fucked up. But that's kind of the point of my writing. I hope that you enjoy it.
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Until the next time you want to take a trip through the gates of hell, I'm Kyle Robinson wishing you a safe trip back to the surface. 

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