Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blank World

In The Demon's Head #113: Blank World

May 15, 2013

It's Wednesday, this means two things. One, we're half way through the week, which puts us closer to the weekend. Second, it's time for another piece. Now I'd like to say it again, today's piece is not linked with Monday's. Originally, it was an idea that I tossed around, but I changed my mind. It is something that I will revisit probably sooner rather than later, but I thought this week we'd work on some stand-alone art. Speaking of Art, take a look at today's picture:

Blank World
Every picture has a story,
Every story has a place,
And every place needs painted,
But it's not quite that simple,
I wanted to paint,
Those places,
But my world,
Wouldn't let me,
I picked up the brush,
And couldn't put it to paper,
Instead the canvas stayed white,
And my hand wouldn't move,
What I got instead,
Were nightmares,
Of those places,
Begging for escape,
Begging for a story,
And all I saw,
Was myself,
And unable to do my duty,
It began to eat at me,
They would pile up,
And whisper to me,
Every day,
Sometimes new,
A lot of the time old,
They were stories that wanted to be painted,
But I just couldn't,
After weeks of the badgering,
And pleading,
I've found myself here,
On top of this bridge,
They say that every artist,
Has his moment of insanity,
I think mine,
Started when the paint wouldn't spill,
And has led me here,
30 Feet above the water,
Now the voices,
Of those stories,
Are telling me to jump,
Into the water,
I feel compelled,
To do them this justice,
Or maybe it's myself the justice,
To take them with me,
If I can't put them down,
So maybe,
They can tell me their stories,
From the bottom of the lake,

About The Piece

"Blank World" is a piece that is kind of close to my heart. No, I don't have plans of jumping off of a bridge. But the voices that want out are there that's for sure. That's something that I find in my head pretty much every day. It's not something I would change though, I'm glad to have those voices along for the ride.

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