Friday, May 31, 2013

Hell In The Shadows

In The Demon's Head #119: Hell In The Shadows
May 31, 2013

Hello everyone, it's finally Friday. I know most people worked a 4-day week, but you can't deny that you were looking forward to the weekend. My week has found itself slightly uneventful. I did however, finish the edits on "Rock The Cradle" and it's been sent off to my editor. I'll likely start writing the next two volumes of the "Blackout" series next week. If you haven't picked up your copies of the first two you can do that on Smashwords, or get them both in one book on Amazon. Let's take a look at today's picture:

Hell In The Shadows
The music started loud,
And got louder still,
Only 5 minutes in,
The lights,
Disoriented us,
Damn near drove us mad,
Then it happened,
He came into the crowd,
"Surprise Mother Fuckers!"
And he threw two canisters,
Directly into the crowd,
Everyone thought it was part of the show,
But in my head,
I knew better,
But my body couldn't move,
It was almost as if fear,
Or suspense,
Paralyzed me,
I felt every fiber of my body tickle,
Everything slowed down,
I watched the first canister,
Explode into the air,
It shot metal in all directions,
And I dropped,
Only managing to be missed,
By inches,
Others around me,
Weren't so lucky,
They found themselves impaled,
With the metal,
And they fell,
Almost as if on top of each other,
In a loving embrace,
Between them,
I watched the second canister explode,
This one shot gas into the air,
It floated to the ceiling,
And spread,
Before finally falling,
And immediately,
The crowd,
Myself included,
Began to cough,
Soon there was vomit,
And some of those closest to me,
Began to vomit blood,
I felt my lungs,
Trying hard to work,
But they were fighting with themselves,
Attempting to shut down,
My vision was blacking out,
As I heard footsteps,
A man walked into the center,
Wearing a mask,
He took one hand,
Pulled it off,
And stared around at his work,
With a wicked smile,
He took his other hand,
And pulled a gun out of his waist band,
And in a blink,
His brains were sprayed across the floor,
And as my breath continued to flee,
I watched him,
Hit in the floor in a mess,
And in that moment,
A thought became crystal clear to me,
All of us,
Weren't the center point of this,
The man in the mask,
Did all he could,
For his 15 minutes of fame,
The news had taught him murder was his ticket to the top,
And he took the advice,
Of those in the twisted media,

About The Piece

This piece was ripped straight out of the headlines. The fact is, our media portrays killers in a light that they shouldn't. I'm not going to harp on the way things are done, I'll let the piece speak for itself. But the Hell from the Shadows is a reality that is all too common, and no longer keeps itself in our nightmares.

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Until the next time you want to take a trip through the gates of hell and into the demon's head, I'm Kyle Robinson wishing you a safe trip back to the surface. 

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