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In The Demon's Head: The Writing On The Wall

In The Demon’s Head #85: The Writing On The Wall
Hello everyone and welcome to a Monday. If you’re like most people then you’re not happy that today is Monday, me on the other hand, This is the one Monday which happens every other week that I am happy because tonight I have the night off of work. Hopefully soon I’ll have a normal day schedule and some things will change but that comes later. Let’s get to the meat of why you came here, the photo and piece let’s take a look below.

The Writing On The Wall

It all started by accident,
We stumbled upon the wall,
Full of signs and symbols,
That we don’t understand,
We stared and studied,
For at least three months,
Then finally a breakthrough,
We discovered the stories behind those signs,
And what they meant to the place we were,
The ancient ones,
Believed in a beast,
A beast called Garietu,
No one could translate the word,
But we could only assume it was a monster,
Or dinosaur,
And it said on the walls,
That this place was his final resting area,
And that those who knew how,
Could open the door,
And view this beast it all its glory,
For it wasn’t still alive,
But it was still intact,
It was an ancient trick,
That no one would ever understand,
Months went by,
As we studied the words on the wall,
And the histories of the people,
And we slowly put the clues together and learned,
What Garietu was,
It wasn’t a monster,
To them it was some kind of god,
A god that we had never heard of,
More nights were spent at that site,
I remember the stars passing overhead,
Behind the sun,
It was like I never slept,
This was a huge find,
And I wanted to be the one to discover it,
I worked night and day,
Only stopping to sleep for a couple hours at a time,
Then when I was about at my end,
I saw something,
That put it all together,
The next day,
I gathered everyone in front of the door,
And I showed them what I knew,
Tapping the door in the correct spots,
And uttered the incantation under my breath,
The door slid apart,
And dust was flung into the air,
And it revealed what was behind the door,
A dark room,
I stepped inside,
And the door shut behind me,
I couldn’t contain the fear I felt,
As the walls lit up around me,
I heard footsteps come toward me,
But I couldn’t stop it,
Then his face peeked into view,
And I was amazed by what I saw,
“Welcome Child, You have come seeking answers correct?”
I nodded,
‘There are few to be found here,
In fact this chamber holds no answers,
But I can tell you how to find them.”
His voice held an accent,
It was one that I did not recognize and I couldn’t help but feel,
That I should,
“Free me from this tomb and all your questions,
Shall be answered.”
“How?” Was all I could muster,
He waved his hand back,
And the pathway opened before me,
At the end sat a throne,
“Take a seat upon it,
And all your questions will be answered.”
I walked back to the throne,
And took a seat,
The light burst brilliantly,
“Thank You.” He said,
Slowly from the feet up he began to blow away,
I felt the throne rising,
Into the air and higher,
Toward the ceiling,
Which opened and I felt a burst,
The air pushed me further into the air,
And I heard a voice,
“Welcome our new King,
Your eternity awaits,
Your power immeasurable,
Your life eternal,
Become a god,
Like those before you.
But be warned should you betray us,
Then it’s to the depths of hell,
With you”
Now I sit upon the throne in the sky,
Watching those below me,
I enjoy my new power,
But I can’t help but wonder how the man,
Got to where was before I took his spot,
But the urge,
To destroy things,
Has gotten much greater inside,
My own heart,

About the Picture and Piece

This is the longest piece that I’ve done thus far in this challenge and I really like the way that this turned out. I think the inspiration for this piece came from the picture mixed with a show that I’m a huge fan of called Ancient Aliens. It came together to form something that I really enjoyed writing and hoped you liked as well.

What are your thoughts on the piece and the picture, please feel free to share them in the comments section, on my official Facebook Page, or tweet me @krobwritings #photoblogging

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Until the next time you want to take a trip through the gates of hell and into the demon’s head, I’m Kyle Robinson wishing you a safe trip back to the surface.

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