Tuesday, July 31, 2012

In The Demon's Head: Which Social Media is a Bigger Help?

In The Demon's Head #47: Which Social Media Is a Bigger Help?
July 31, 2012

Hello everyone and welcome to what is the beginning of the end of Summer. It's been a real great few months and man it's flown by but we're about to enter the months of Fall. I for one am ready to get away from the 100 degree temptures but I'm not excited about the ice and snowing and all that stuff that winter brings.

Today's post is kind of an extension of my Promotional Techniques Series, which I'll share with you will be available as a free downloadable E-Book very soon, that was my big surprise. But today's post centers more around the Social Media Side and I strive to answer, which Social Media is a bigger help to your efforts as a writer?

When you sit down to figure it out, you realize there are four big name players in the Social Media world right now, you have Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, And Pinterest. But if your going to just sit down and spend time on a couple of these which ones should you choose?

The answer there is very simple, you should focus on Facebook and Twitter. Not taking away anything from Google, which has managed to become very popular in the short amount of time that it's been main stream. And nothing from Pinterest, whose only real draw is showing pictures with little to no text. Facebook and Twitter are the way to go when it comes to getting your name out there.

Now that's also not to say that you should just limit yourself to these two sites. In fact I'll go on record and state that you should have your name a social profile in as many places as possible. This is a good way to have the most eyes see you and it helps build your platform even sturdier and quicker.

Twitter's got it's followers but let me give you a bit of advice when it comes to Facebook. If your going to set up an author highspot for yourself then I suggest that you do it as a page and not a group. I had a group at one time and when Facebook changed it's formatics I went from having 210 people in this group to about 140 because so many people were tired of all the notifications they were getting.

I took a step back from the group page for almost a year a half and then finally this past February I decided that I wanted to refocus on my writing and got serious so I developed the Facebook Page that I have today as well as the twitter account. Setting up either of these things will only take you a few minutes but it's something that is completely invaluable when attempting to build your platform.

That's about all I got today, I'll be back Friday with my regular weekly update and I hope to have some very good news to share by then. Don't forget there's a box in the upper right hand corner where you can subscribe to these post, all you have to do is put in your email address. All my social media outlets, news and other stuff can be found on my website, if you want to add me, like me, or follow me, be sure to check out the “Meet Me on Social Media” section. You can also check out all my writing tips under the new “Demon's Head Writing Tips” section of the site.

Until the next time you want to take a trip through the gates of hell and into the Demon's Head I'm Kyle Robinson wishing you a safe trip back to the surface.

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