Monday, May 6, 2013

Pyramids Through Time

In The Demon's Head #109: Pyramids Through Time

May 6, 2013

Hello everyone and Happy Monday. Well, let me think about that, can you really call Monday happy? The jury is still out on that one but there is a bright side, we have new pieces this week so let's get started. I'm thinking that this week I will do what I did last week since it did so well. In case you missed it, I will be linking my three post this week together to form one big post. I'll have a name and everything this time around. I can only hope that you guys like this one as well. Let's take a look at the picture this week.

Pyramids Through Time

Archeology has a weird lure to it,
You dig up things from the past,
You find history,
Buried in the oddest places,
That's what pulled me into it,
I wanted to uncover the truths,
Of the past,
All of our digs,
Were simple,
And without incident,
Up until,
The collapse of the sands,
That lead to the biggest discovery,
Of my life,
We were working a site,
And the ground began to shake,
We braced ourselves,
Thinking that it was just an earthquake,
But the sands began to move,
Running across the desert,
We watched,
As in the distance,
An entire section,
Of the desert,
Slipped away,
After just a few minutes,
The ground stopped,
And went to check it out,
As we neared the edge of the crater,
What we saw,
Took our breath away,
Beneath the sands,
Was a pyramid,
Sitting firm,
As if it had been there for years,
But How?
I found myself asking,
I stared in disbelief,
I noticed that the sands,
Stepped down,
To the door,
I stepped on the first one,
And surprisingly,
It didn't give,
I walked down the steps one at a time,
Followed by my crew,
When we reached the door,
I stared at it,
Wondering what could lie on the other side,
I stared at it,
The carvings,
Were unlike anything I've ever seen,
The pictures,
Seemed to tell a story,
But I couldn't make it all out,
I touched the door,
And it opened,
Dust flew down through the opening,
The tunnel,
Lit up,
All the way around,
I stepped into the tunnel and stared,
The smell within in the tunnel,
Suggested that it had been here for centuries,
I took two steps inside,
And suddenly the door began to close,
I tried to stop it,
But I couldn't,
And as it snapped closed,
I found myself,
Locked inside,
This tomb,
I began walking along the hall,
And the pictures on the walls,
Weren't carvings,
But paintings,
Hung up in a row,
And each picture,
Marked a moment in history,
Starting with scenes from the bible,
And going all the way through,
The election of President Obama,
Everything was there,
But How,
If this has been here for all this time,
How did it have those pictures,
I weighed my thoughts,
As I walked the hallway,
Losing track of time,
I realized that at the end,
There was a door,
That was glowing white,
I walked up to it as it began to open,
The light blinded me,
And a voice started calling to me,

(To Be Continued)

About The Piece

I hope that you enjoyed the first piece in what I'm calling "Sands Of The Forgotten"  The next two pieces will be a bit strange but I think that you'll enjoy the entire trilogy. As always, your feedback is welcomed and encouraged.

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