Friday, May 3, 2013

Bullets In The Dark

In The Demon’s Head #108: Bullets In The Dark

May 3, 2013

Finally Friday, I hope that your work week has gone by rather smoothly. I’m excited that today marks the third and final part in this week’s story. Today’s piece chronicles the end of a journey to save the world. If you haven’t read the first two parts then click here for part 1, and here for part 2. Let’s take a look at today’s picture:

Bullets In The Dark

Down through the Rabbit hole,
And across the underground city,
They kept telling me that I was the savior,
That I would stop this kind of destruction,
I trekked across the city,
Walking day and night,
And on the fourth day,
I walked first heard it,
The gunshots,
Back and forth,
Followed by explosions,
I slowly noticed that the city was turning,
Into a dark, dark black
The further I went,
The darker things got,
I breathed in,
Noticing that the smell of death,
Was lingering in my nose,
As I got closer to the battlefield,
I could no longer smell air,
Instead only the stench of charred flesh,
Would hold in my nose,
I watched from afar as the sky was lit up,
I took a deep breath,
And I wondered,
And almost as if on command,
As I crossed the threshold,
Of the battlefield,
The gunfire stopped,
Everyone watched me,
As I walked into the center of the of the carnage,
I felt every eye on me,
And I heard,
Guns hit the ground,
I watched as they’re faces,
Stared in disbelief,
I stopped in between them,
And begin to talk,
I tell them that the world,
Could be a better place,
Should they stop they’re fighting,
They hang onto to every word,
And slowly I start to watch them walk away,
Leaving their weapons behind,
I waited,
And watched,
As the last of them walked away,
Patting me on the back,
I felt like I had achieved so much,
So fast,
And with so little effort,
I couldn’t believe it,
I began the walk back through the city,
From which I had came,
The trip back,
Seemed to take less time,
Then before,
I finally reached the hole,
From which I came,
Where I met my batwingged friends again,
They said,
“It’s now it’s your time to go back home,”
They pat me on the back,
And in a whirl,
I was standing back in the forest,
The trees were still in the same place,
But now in the sky,
I see the green skies,
And I can only hope that I have the luck,
Above the ground,
That I had in the rabbit hole,

About This Piece

Originally I wasn’t a fan of the idea of using this weeks pictures for the purpose I did. I have to say that the entire story turned out really good. I hope that you enjoyed the entire story. I’d love your feedback and thoughts in the comments section.

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