Monday, April 29, 2013

Forbidden Woods

In The Demon’s Head #106 Forbidden Woods

April 29, 2013

Hello everyone and happy Monday. If you've been following this blog then you know that I’m going to attempt a new feat. I’m going to try and tell a story over the next week drawing my pieces, from the pictures. This is something that I haven’t ever done and I can only hope that it turns out well. Let’s take a look at today’s pictures.

Forbidden Woods

They told me not to go,
They told me that I shouldn’t be here,
But now,
In the center of the forest,
I see the hole,
In the center of the trees,
That calls me,
Asks me to come,
I hear the voices,
They say that I’d enjoy life,
With them,
But I feel another voice,
One in my head,
Telling me,
Not to go,
But I couldn’t help myself,
I stumbled,
Into the hole,
I fell,
And fell,
And kept falling,
Finally I hit the bottom,
The voices,
Calling to me,
Belonged to large creatures,
With batwings,
Red eyes,
nd no teeth,
They spoke in English,
And said they welcomed me,
I couldn’t believe what it was that I was seeing,
The rabbit hole,
Called me home,
And I decided that it was there,
That I would stay,

(To Be Continued...)

About The Piece

“Forbidden Woods” is awfully similar to the sound of Forbidden Forest, from Harry Potter. I can promise you though; this story will not be the Harry Potter tale of the past. Come back Wednesday for part two in this trilogy.

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