Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Carousels Go Round

In The Demon’s Head #104: Carousels Go Round

April 24, 2013

Happy Wednesday everyone I’ve realized something strange today. It was this time a year ago that I was almost done with the April Poetry a day, and April Platforming Challenges. My fellow writers reading this blog will remember those challenges, and may even be doing them again this year. This blog was in its infancy and I was working on releasing my first book “More Than Memories” It amazes me how much you can really do in a year. I have managed to find a new niche for this blog. I’ve released “More Than Memories” as well as “Life After Dark” and I’m about to release “Six Feet Under” The last two are short stories in “The Blackout Series” and my following has almost quadrupled. All the while I’ve learned and I’ve brought you along for the ride. I can’t say thank you enough and I can only hope that the next year is as eventful. With that being said let’s take a look at today’s picture:

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Carousels Go Round
In a dream it was,
Only never this beautiful,
In the dream,
It was full of horror,
Screams of those lost,
And the blood that flowed at their feet,
In my dreams this was a ride ripped straight from hell,
But here,
Here in my waking hours,
That same ride looks peaceful,
And inviting,
But it keeps flashing,
The laughing clown,
The blood,
So much blood,
And the screams,
Not one,
But dozens,
That seem to come from thin air,
He wants to ride this,
My son has never been scared,
He would be up for trying anything,
But it must be nice,
To be unafraid and innocent,
But I can’t shake the images,
From my nightmares,
He pleads,
And finally I cave,
I put him on the horse,
And stand back and watch from the gates,
He wants to do it all his own,
And at first,
It seems fine,
Then the hell begins,
As gunshots ring out,
Of nowhere,
Then the screams begin,
More shots pierce the air,
And the screams are louder,
Then I see it flooding over the sides,
The blood,
And suddenly,
Everything about that nightmare,
Becomes a shocking reality,
I scramble to my feet,
And I’m knocked back down,
And in my face I see the clown,
Or in this case clowns,
They laugh at me as I scramble about the ground,
They turn and open fire,
And run,
My head is ringing,
And it feels hot,
But I find my way into the carousel,
And there he is,
Motionless and bloody,
I drop to my knees,
Holding the body,
Of my only son,
I felt the twine of regret,
Knowing that the nightmares,
Had been trying to tell me something,
That I had ignored,
Learning the lesson the hard way,
To always trust your gut,

About The Piece

I have a strange knack for taking pictures that have a decent meaning, and completely fucking them up. This picture actually tells a decent story. I took it and turned it into what you found above. If I offended or hurt your feelings, well it sucks to be you. I’m not out to offend on purpose, but this is a story that I thought I should tell.

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