Monday, April 22, 2013

The Booth

In The Demon’s Head #103: The Booth

April 22, 2013

Hello everyone and happy Monday. I wanted to welcome those that are new to the party and say hello. To those that are returning I want to say thanks for coming along for the ride all this time. The reason that I bring this up is because I noticed that I’ve been getting something like an average of 40-50 Page views a day. That’s a massive surprise and a good jump up from what it used to be. I want to say thanks to everyone who reads this and I ask that you help me spread the word. With your help we can double, or even triple that number. Let’s take a look at the picture kicking off this week.

The Booth

It looked so normal against the backdrop,
Of the bustling city,
But when I stepped inside,
My entire world changed,
What they thought was an ordinary telephone booth,
Turned out to be a chance,
To jump,
In time,
I had no control of where it went,
But I found myself spun,
Out of control,
Until coming to a stop,
On a city street,
That looked a lot like the one,
I left behind,
Only this time,
Cars were dead on the sides of the road,
The bridges were crumbling,
And the world as a whole,
Was a dark shade of brown,
I could smell the death in the air,
And the sorrow in the skies,
What had happened here,
I walked slowly,
Looking for something,
That could tell me anything,
Or someone,
Who knew,
And that’s when I found the wall,
Written across the top,
“Lost In the End”
The wall was populated with names,
Of those that died,
It was then that I realized,
That the world,
Had come and gone,
In the flash of light,
There may be some survivors remaining,
But they were likely,
Few and far between,
I went back to the booth,
Only hoping that closing that door a second time,
Would send me back to my own time,
I held my breath,
And pulled,
As the world once again spun,
Around and Around,
Finally I touched down,
This time the city that I had left,
In 2013 was here,
Everyone going about their lives,
I couldn’t help but to believe,
That some of them would change their ways,
If they had seen what I had,
In the future

About The Piece

Some of these pictures are hard to find a story with. Others, much like this one, are simple. They’re stories seem to scream at me more then I find them. I was very pleased with how this piece turned out and I can only hope that the remaining pictures scream at me this way all week. Feel free to share your feedback or comments in the comments section.

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Until the next time you want to take a trip through the gates of hell and into the demon’s head, I’m Kyle Robinson wishing you a safe trip back to the surface.

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