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100 Editions Later

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In The Demon’s Head: 100 Editions Later

April 16, 2013
Hello everyone and welcome to edition 100 of In The Demon’s Head. When I first sat down to write this blog. I had no idea what in the hell I was doing. Actually that’s an understatement. When I wrote the first edition back in February of last year, I didn’t even know WHY the hell I was doing this.

Originally the blog began as my way of trying to show fellow writers new things. I quickly learned that I didn’t really know shit of my own. How was it that I was supposed to show people things, when I didn’t even know anything? The blog was aimed to be more than that though. I had meant to take this chance to share my talents with the world. I realized real quick that this idea wasn’t working very well.

Let’s review real quick here. I started writing this blog with two screwed up ideas and the end goal of promoting my first book that I planned on releasing later that year. If you’ve followed me from the beginning than you realize that the idea wasn’t a complete flop but it wasn’t a huge hit either.

I did manage to put both stories out and the thoughts on them have been awesome. The views for this blog have not really gone as far as I would have liked. But I kept writing. I knew that it would eventually find a way to pay off. In the time since though, this blog has changed.

What started then has evolved into what you see now. As I’m sure you’ve noticed how I’ve been doing Photo-blogging pieces. I hope that you have enjoyed them. I intend to keep them coming and I hope that you keep sharing.

But that’s not all I intend to do with this blog. Not hardly. While the idea may be few and far between I do intend to continue to offer some updates on what’s going on with me and my writing through this blog. However, my primary method of information seems to be Facebook.

Looking back at these past 100 editions of “In The Demon’s Head” have made me realize that I’ve done a lot of learning, writing, growing up, and studying. It’s all a part of the world you have to know if you’re going to make it anywhere in life.

Something that I feel I should share with you guys. This blog has kind of evolved into a home for the photo-blogging stuff. But don’t fear I will still have post like this where I share some information about the projects that I have going on. That’s kind of what the end of this post is about.

Now enough of the retrospective, I’ve got some information that you may find enjoyable. Then there’s a bit of information that isn’t so nice and that’s what I’ll start with.

Youtube Channel Operations Suspended

It wasn’t Youtube’s fault. I can easily say that I’m a fickle little bastard. I don’t say that in a bad way. I have learned that I tend to have a problem committing. Which is why I’m so surprised that this blog has lived this long.

As I sat down to record the first thing to put up on the channel Monday. I realized that while the idea sounded good it would take away a lot of time that I could use writing. If I can get to a point where it’s just a camera and not a lot of extra work to get the channel to work for me, then it can happen. Until then I really need to focus on writing. Especially if I’m going to be able to deliver on mI’y next promise.

All Five Blackout Series books will be available by 2013!

That’s a massive promise to make considering that it’s already halfway through April and I’m just gearing up for #2.  I don’t want to make promises on dates due to a few things but I am going to say that the goal is aimed at putting out a new story every couple months.

My goal is for the fifth and final Blackout Story to be available in December. I think it’s a goal that should I strive to achieve can happen. If you haven’t done it yet you can pick up the first Blackout story “Life After Dark” for free here. I’d love a review if you have already read the book.

New Graphic Designer

As a lot of people know, I’m not big on the religion thing. However, I can say that I believe in things happening or changing for a reason. That happened this past week when by sheer accident I realized that I had a very talented graphic designer sitting amongst my friends.

His name is Mr. Dave Schuey. I’ve known him for some time but had no idea of his talents. I can only hope that he is up for the coming schedule. I can’t wait to show you the work that he can do.

Final Thoughts

That’s 100 editions of “In The Demon’s Head” in the books. If I have my way there will be many, many more to come. I hope that you guys are ready as I’m hoping to continue to change the literary landscape and I can hope that you all will come along for the ride.

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Until the next time you want to take a trip through the gates of hell and into the demon’s head, I’m Kyle Robinson wishing you a safe trip back to the surface. 

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