Wednesday, April 17, 2013

At Knife Point

In The Demon’s Head #101: At Knife Point

April 17, 2013

Hello all its bright and early on Wednesday. It’s still weird looking at the numbers and realizing that I’m now writing editions of this blog into the triple digits. If you missed it I offered up my special 100th edition special with some new information. You can check that post out here. That’s enough of my raving today. Let’s check out today’s picture.

At Knife Point
It was a family air loom,
Passed down from father,
To son,
But there’s something about,
This special blade,
This blade was made in the early 1700’s,
It was said to be cursed,
To control the man who wielded it,
But it was all urban legend,
That was until three generations ago,
My great grandfather received the knife,
On his 18th birthday,
All in life,
Was fine,
And the knife sat unused,
And in its case,
Until my grandfather found,
A man who robbed,
And beat grandma,
In the back alley,
Of a bar one night,
When he was 58,
The unlucky robber,
Found himself with 72 new holes,
That hadn’t been there that morning,
And my grandpa found his way into prison,
My dad was only 16,
Life went on,
And my dad,
Got the knife,
From my grandma,
On his 18th birthday,
She knew that dad wanted it,
And as odd as it was,
The blood still seemed fresh,
On the blade,
But it went back in its case,
And there it sat,
For another 30 Years,
This time my dad,
Was on the handled end,
Giving a man 23 new holes,
For looking at my mother,
The wrong way,
My dad,
Also found his way,
Into a jail cell,
At the time I was 17,
Shortly thereafter,
During a visit to the prison,
My dad gave me permission,
To get the knife,
When I was 18,
When I did,
I felt pride,
And joy,
And now as it sits on the shelf,
I can hear the yells of the men,
Whose life were ended,
At the hands of my family,
And I can’t help but wonder,
When the voices,
Will start talking to me,
Begging me to follow in the footsteps,
Of my fathers’ before me,
I listen to the screams,
From the blood on the blade,
And feel the smile on my face,
Knowing that my day,
Is coming soon,

About The Piece

The picture above just seems to look like a fancy knife. When I first saw it that’s exactly what I thought it was. Then I realized every fancy style anything has a story. I thought that I could take the knife and craft a story from it. I felt that it was a strange, yet strong story that was worth telling and in the end that’s all anyone can ask for when they write anything.

I would love your feedback on both the picture and the piece. Feel free to share in the comments section. Remember you can connect with me in the following ways:

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Until the next time you want to take a trip through the gates of hell and into the demon’s head,  I’m Kyle Robinson

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