Monday, March 25, 2013

Hole In The Highway

In The Demon’s Head #89:The Hole In The Highway

March 25, 2013

Hello everyone and happy Monday. That means its back to work day for most of us. I thought why not start the week off right by reintroducing the photo-blogging challenge. I’m going to be doing these three times a week. They’ll most likely be made available Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I figure it’s a good way to start the days and get the writing muscles running. I will also be posting at least 1 In The Demon’s Head general post a week, maybe 2, what this means is that I will be trying to put up something new every day of the week Monday-Friday. Let’s get to it and take a look at today’s picture.

The Hole In The Highway

In the years that followed,
I knew that there weren’t many left,
It had came out of nowhere,
Almost as if pre-planned,
By God himself,
But it wasn’t God,
It couldn’t have been God,
He wouldn’t be this damnning,
Not to his children,
But God,
And my faith don’t matter anymore,
Because what’s done is done,
And anyone who could describe,
Or believe,
Are gone,
They were taken away in the attack,
The power is gone,
The people are going insane,
And here we stand,
Questioning when the end will come for us,
Millions were killed,
Entire cities destroyed,
In single blast,
Some who are left,
Say that it’s China,
Or Japan,
Rectifying our debt,
But I don’t think it was either,
I think it was something far worse,
Because the things that flew overhead,
Were so massive,
That no man could have constructed them,
They were bigger then buildings,
That used to be on the New York shore,
Heavier than the Statue of Liberty,
The Arch,
And all of the monuments in Washington D.C,
That used to stand,
They are all in the bottom of the ocean now,
Where I stand,
Is on this broken highway,
They blew holes,
Limiting travel,
The plan implemented,
To perfection,
I stand high above those below,
Wondering what comes next,
Thinking of whose left,
And realizing that I’m going to figure out what and why,
These things came to us,
And then,
I’m going to go to them,
And we’re going to take back what was once,
Our own,

About The Piece

The idea for a post-apocalyptic story has been in my mind for years. In fact, this piece has turned that idea into what may become a series. Not sure yet but my wheels started turned really fast as I was sitting here thinking and it may become a full-fledged novel series. That’s now part of my plan today... to plot out what may be my first novel series.

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