Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A New Reality

In The Demon’s Head #90: A New Reality

March 27, 2013
Hello everyone how are you this afternoon. I’m sitting here at computer writing this post completely pissed off. I bought a studio set up last year. I thought that it could get me up and running in the audio world. Well I went to set it up on this new computer to start recording a demo for an audio book, and the damn thing isn’t working. I’m kind of tinkering with it hoping that I can figure it out soon. I will say that I’m happy to be sitting here writing this post to all of you guys. With that said let’s take a look at today’s picture:

A New Reality

The world that I once knew,
Was taken away,
My story started long ago,
On a drive home,
My wife,
And beautiful new baby girl,
But then,
Then I was too damn blinded,
By my own need to drink,
That I never realized it,
This night,
Was the same way,
And angry,
I decided that driving,
Was my best option,
The sounds of the world around me,
Drifted away,
As I drove down the road,
Only realizing that my wife,
Was in the seat next to me,
And that our destination was down the road about a mile,
It was safe,
I was safe,
As we drove along,
I felt the bumps of the railroad tracks,
And heard screams,
I turned my head,
As the train made its impact,
Broadside on the passenger door,
In the next instance it is dark,
And the world is gone,
Time passes,
Maybe Hours,
Maybe Days,
But when the light refloods my vision,
I’m on the ground,
Head hurting,
The car gone,
With it my wife,
And beautiful baby,
Maybe They Are Safe
I think,
But in my head I know I’m wrong,
I want to leave,
But something holds me here,
Death is my salvation
I say,
I hear the whistle blowing,
Almost as if sent from above,
To end this torture,
I hear it getting closer,
And closer,
I step into the tracks,
The train doesn’t stop,
Or slow down,
As blows through me,
I open my eyes,
Feeling the air rush through me,
As if I’m not even there,
And I guess in reality,
I’m not,
Because these train tracks,
That cost me my loved ones,
Have now become my home,
My hell,
For what’s left of eternity

About The Piece

I don’t know what I could say about this piece honestly. I looked at the picture and thought a different story, or style at least called to me. But when I started that it didn’t seem to want to come to me. In fact the first five lines that were in this piece originally were deleted. I felt that those were of a different story that didn’t involve the main character that I was working with for this particular piece.

That’s the piece for today. I know that some of these may touch home with a few readers. I’d like to thank you personally for reading these and I’d love you to share your comments and thoughts on both the picture and the piece.

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Until the next time you go through the gates of hell and into the demon’s head, I’m Kyle Robinson wishing you a safe trip back to the surface.

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