Friday, March 29, 2013

A World Without Freedom

In The Demon’s Head #91: A World Without Freedom

March 29, 2013
Hello everyone and a happy Friday to you and yours. It’s kind of nice. I’m sitting here in the office looking out the window and I realize how much I love every season but winter. I love the chance to go ride my trike, (Yes you read that correctly, your truly rides trikes) and enjoy the air. If we could go every year without a winter, I think I’d be perfectly fine with that. You didn’t stop by today to read about my thoughts on the weather though. Your here for the photo-blogging challenge of the day right? Well I’m here to bring it to you. Afterwards I will have a nice little tidbit of information that I’d like to share with everyone that I hope you guys will enjoy. Let’s get a look at today’s picture.

A World Without Freedom

They were angry,
It started with the guns,
Then with marriage,
And slowly they begin to twist,
To where we had no choice,
No freedoms,
No thoughts,
That were our own,
Slowly they began to heavily monitor,
First books,
They were edited,
If there was a chance that something could cause,
An uproar against the government,
That now called itself,
The Power,
When books became a thing of the past,
They focused on Television,
Editing shows left and right,
Destroying anything,
That was a radical thought,
It too fell by the wayside,
When The Power,
Had their way with it,
Then finally radios,
They were the last to go,
And were the hardest to stop,
Those who were in control of the towers,
Took their last breaths,
Defending what the nation once was,
And damning what it had become,
In fact the very last station,
KHXM was closed,
When it was discovered,
That they had planted speakers in flowers,
Around the country,
In an attempt to begin an uprising,
When he was found,
He was dealt with,
On air for all of his followers to hear,
As if a parting shot to those who once wanted to listen,
Now life is more about awaiting death,
Then living,
We all go place to place,
Doing whatever job we are offered,
And we don’t say much,
Communication has died,
And with it the souls of those who once called this nation home,
The Power has finally taken control and they will do whatever they need,
To keep it,
The echoed sounds of my dad’s last screams still run through my head,
I was in the building when that happened,
But they never found me,
For years I’ve waited for a chance to get at The Power,
And I will do so,
One day I will find a way into their doors,
And I will finish what my dad,
And that rebellion started,
One day,
They will Fall,
To Me,

About The Piece

As a man who loves radio and music, and given the current headlines, I thought that this idea rang out in a lot of ways. A lot of you may be curious about what happens next here and who knows I may actually add on to it at some point. We’ll have to wait and see what happens. The picture is a strange one in how it’s set up and I think it played perfectly into this idea.

Now originally there was going to be some information that I was going to post here but I think rather than do that I’ll be releasing another edition of “In The Demon’s Head” tomorrow with some more of that information. There are a couple of ideas that I’m running with and I think that it would be awesome to share it all in its own special issue.

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Until the next time you want to take a trip through the gates of hell and into the demon’s head. I’m Kyle Robinson wishing you a safe trip back to the surface. 

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