Friday, February 8, 2013

In The Demon's Head: Photoblogging Challenge #5

In The Demon’s Head #79: Photoblogging Challenge #5
February 8, 2013

Hello everyone, it’s finally Friday. I’m very excited about today because after a shift tonight on graveyard duty I will be off this weekend and those two days off in a row are heaven to me. Either way I’m sitting here now staring at the blanket on the window in my office daydreaming about the day I can finally work my own schedule. All I can say is I hope it’s sooner rather then later.

Enough of my belly aching and complaining lets take a look at today’s picture:

Tides That Blind

The train tracks were my home away from home,
A place for me to think,
And pretend the world didn’t exist,
The trouble started not to long ago,
When the weather man called for rain,
I didn’t think it would get horrible,
It never did in our part of the world,
The rain came,
Washed away the dry air,
Which always returned with a hell of a vengeance,
But this time,
It was different,
As if mother nature had intended,
To flood us all out,
Warnings and watches were all over,
And everyone ran with fear,
Well I walked the train tracks,
All the way to the bridge that hung 10 feet,
Above the nearest river,
That river was always dry,
So in the time like this,
I didn’t think that I’d ever see the water,
Touch the bridge,
But on day 3,
That is particularly what happened,
Water came flooding over,
And as fast as it came,
I didn’t feel afraid as I approached it,
In fact I heard a voice call to me,
Telling me that it would be okay,
To touch the water,
And that’s now where I stand,
In front of this water,
Which is calling my name,
Wishing that I had the urge to turn around,
But I can only walk closer,
As the rushing water pushes overboard,
My foot touches,
And I’m gone,
Leaving only behind me,
Those who said they loved me,
But it never really mattered,
For I went away,
On the tracks,
That I called home,
In a way,
Only few could understand,

About the Picture and Piece

This picture was one where I wasn’t sure where to go with the piece. While I feel there are a few different stories that can be told with this piece I can say that this one was very interesting to say the least and I hope that you enjoyed it like I did writing it.

What are your thoughts on the picture, or the piece? Share them in the comments section, or Like and share them on my Facebook page, on Pinterest, or tweet me @krobwritings. Also remember you can subscribe to the blog and have them sent directly to you by putting your email address up in the upper right hand corner of the blog.

Until the next time you want to take a trip through the gates of hell and into the demon’s head, I’m Kyle Robinson wishing you a safe trip back to the surface. 

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