Tuesday, February 5, 2013

In The Demon's Head: Photoblogging Challenge #2

In The Demon’s Head #76: Photoblogging Challenge #2

February 5, 2013

Hello everyone and welcome to Day #2 of the Photoblogging Challenge. As I sit down and get ready to write this post I’m wondering when it is that I’ll stop numbering these Photoblogging post. I know, I know it’s only day 2 but think about if I continue this through the year, or a couple of years the number will get WAY up there. Either way that’s some time from now today let’s take a look at the picture and get to figuring out a piece for this picture.

(Sorry about this but the pictures are still not wanting to cooperate, The picture for this post will be located both at Facebook and Pinterest)

A Long Hard Road

My reflection tells me the story of someone long forgotten,
In a past I can’t remember,
I’ve been out here for so long,
That no one even knows who I am anymore,
Driving miles and miles along in a vast wasteland of traffic,
Is how I spend my waking hours,
And in that time I’ve missed it all,
Even funerals,
All seeking something,
That doesn’t really exist,
The gears would grind as I would drive,
Wishing only to stop,
But I couldn’t,
Not until I reached my destination,
But now,
Beside this lake,
I realize that there are some things,
Better than the life I live,
And while I may have to start over,
I will find those promises,
Hidden somewhere else,
Away from the traffic,
Away from the stops,
My family,
My home,
My life is all that’s left now,
Watching the cab sink into the water out of sight,
It was good while it lasted,
In the footsteps that echo,
Off the gravel as I walk away,
In the distance I can hear,
An engine starting,
And in that roar,
I swear I hear them say,
Thank you,
For finally letting them rest

About the Picture and Piece

This was something that I pictured as soon as I saw the reflection of the truck in the water. I see the truck looking in at itself and asking what had it become and to me that translates into the truck driver doing the same.

I’d love to know what you thought of the picture and piece as well. Share your thoughts either in the comments section, on my official Facebok Page, or on twitter by adding @krobwritings.

Until the next time you want to take a trip through the gates of hell and into the demon’s head, I’m Kyle Robinson wishing you a safe trip to the surface.

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