Saturday, August 18, 2012

In The Demon's Head: Writing After Dark

In The Demon's Head #52: Writing After Dark
August 18, 2012

Hello everyone I hope ya'll are enjoying your weekend. I would have had this up earlier but it's been a long few days. Friday I was functioning on almost no sleep and then today I was at work until noon so needless to say I went back to bed as soon as I got home. But I'm up now and I figure no better time then now to have up the latest “In The Demon's Head”

Let's move into the brunt of this weeks general update, first off I'm very pleased at this point for a number of reasons the first of which being that this week I began My new short story series project, I don't have a title for it yet but the first story has a working title of “Life After Dark” which is kind of why I incorporated the title of this blog entry the way I did.

For me the week has been full of writing things which as I'm sure most of you who have read this blog on a regular basis can attest to that this isn't always the case. First I began writing “Life After Dark” which will be the first short story in an unnamed series and I'm happy to announce that it will be given away free of charge when it's released later this year.

All you'll have to do to receive this story is to sign up for the mailing list. With the mailing list you'll get free updates, mailings when they begin, and you'll get other stuff when you sign up. I'm very excited about that going forward, so please sign up for the Email list.

Plus another good news update is that hopefully we'll see “More Than Memories” have the finished 2nd draft within the next month. My entire vision is to have this book ready to roll out by October. Also, this month's free writing is currently being worked on with some illustration by the wonderful Zeus, and I'm hoping that it will be available on the website and WattPad no later then Monday. The new piece is called “Mind Of Madness” I'd love your feedback.

Finally, another awesome thing is that I came up with another awesome idea while at work. I can't say that they keep pouring out like water but I'm coming up slowly with enough stuff to keep me busy for at least the next year or longer. It's a very great feeling.

In all honesty, I'm sorry that this edition of “In The Demon's Head” is not only late but also a little short but I'd like to take a moment and say thanks to everyone whose been reading this blog for the last six months. As I said once before I'm very excited about everything moving forward. I'd like to take this chance to offer an open invitation to anyone who would like to ask me any question at all. I'd like to start answering at least one or two a week so if you have any questions about process, or about anything writing wise please send me any question via email.

Finally, I'd like to also say that you can subscribe to the blog via your email address by putting it in the box up to the right. And you can join any of my social media circles by going here and picking your poison of chocie Beyond that there's not a lot more to add so enjoy your weekend, I'll be back on Tuesday with another edition of “In The Demon's Head” Until the next time you want to take a trip through the gates of hell and into the demon's head I'm Kyle Robinson wishing you a safe trip back to the surface.

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