Friday, July 13, 2012

In The Demon's Head: Finishing The Office

In The Demon's Head #37: Finishing the Office
July 13, 2012

Hello everyone and happy Friday. I hope you've enjoyed your weekend starter as much as I have. Today's a good day for a number of reasons, the first of which is this post that your reading right now which in itself is nice. But that's not all that's been going on in my wonderful world of writing oh no. Read on below for some more interesting information.

As most of you know I had stopped doing these blog post close to a month ago due to the fact that me and my girlfriend Liz moved so we could be closer to her work and now mine as well, I managed to get a job at a local Veteran’s home. I'm so excited by this because it means that between the two of us we will be able to have enough money for me to start advertising the page again as well as the website that is likely on it's way.

You read that last sentence right, I've hinted at it in the past and I think it's finally time to start my own writing website. This website will be complete with press kit, home pages, contact section, schedule a few other things. Nothing is for certain so we'll have to see how everything goes but I intend to have this this finished or closed to finished by the end of the weekend.

On the blog front for this blog, I am intending to write all of the extra blog post that I fell behind on while I was in the move. I think there's roughly 5 that need to be done and that's also on my plate to finish up this weekend as well. Not 100% sure if I will manage to make it or not but I'm going to damn sure try.

Also, I've made a complete decision about what I'm doing with my book “More Than Memories” I'm going to be doing a self publishing route. I'm doing this for a number of different reasons but it's mainly because it's better to start out by taking this route and I've learned that by reading different things in the last few weeks.

To say the least it will be a very productive weekend hopefully, not really sure how much I will be able to finish though I hope everything will get finished. However, that about does it for me for this edition of In The Demon's Head. I'll be bringing special edition of this blog throughout the week until I get completely caught up.

Until the next time you want to take a trip into the demon's head, I'm Kyle Robinson wishing you a safe trip back to the surface. Until then you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.


  1. Glad to see that you'll be more active on the site again! Plus, I'm excited that you're working at a veterans' home. Loved working with older adults!

  2. Yeah me too, then hopefully I'm also working on a website so we'll see how it goes.