Monday, April 2, 2012

April Platforming Challenge Update/ Day 1-2

I've decided to take on the April Platform Building Challenge hosted on the My Name is Not Bob Blog by Robert Brewer from Writer's Digest. So for the next month I will be detailing my experience's here on top of the In The Demon's Head Post. I hope you guys enjoy.

April 1, 2012- Define Yourself

Name- Kyle Robinson

Positions- Blogger, Freelance Writer, Poet, Creative Fiction Writer, Cover Art Designer, Promotions

Skills- Editing, Creative Writing (Poetry, Fiction, Screenplay) Copywriting, Blogging, speaking, bluntness, Problem solver, creative thinker,

Social Media Platforms- Twitter, Facebook, Blogspot, Youtube


Accomplishments: Graduated Broadcast Center, established Facebook Platform, On the bridge of finishing first book,

Interest: Writing, Reading, Video Games, Professional Wrestling, Family, learning

In One Sentence who Am I: Kyle Robinson is a driven man who enjoys writing to make people think and wants to be as successful as can be.

April 2, 2012- What are your goals?

Short Term Goals

Finish My “More Then Memories” Collection by the end of May (editing and All)
Try to sell my book or publish it on Amazon by the end of the year
Get more likes on my facebook page to help develop my platform
Work to improve my blog “In The Demon's Head”
Possibly start a Second blog on Professional Wrestling
Finish the PAD April Challenge
Finish the Platforming Challenge

Long Term Goals

Start a Writing Career
Be Financially independent and debt free
Have a decent fan base
Enjoy what I do for a living
Start a Family
Get Married

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