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In The Demon's Head #2

In The Demon's Head 2

February 18, 2012

Hello all and thanks for once again taking a dive straight into The Demon's Head. I hope you enjoyed last week's issue and I'll assume that since anyone who read it, didn't tell me it sucked which means that for a first stab at something like this I didn't do too horrible. Also, if you read it, I'd like to thank you and I still would like any feedback you can give me. Either way it's onto this week and as always the Warning: Some content may not be favorable for everyone, some things are vulgar and some things aren't the nicest possible, just a head's up.

I still haven't received any questions which makes me a bit sad but it's okay I know there are curious minds and I'd like to hear from you guys but since there's no questions this week I'll jump right into it.

This week has been an interesting one to say the least. I finished up “The Elements of Style” which is quoted as being “A Writer's best friend.” and while some things in this book may indeed be great teaching techniques, there were also things that I disagreed with, I'd hope I wasn't the only one. One thing I can tell you though, if you've ever thought about putting words to paper in any form I'd pick up a copy of the “Elements of Style” because it can make you a better writer no question.

Also this week, I learned something new about myself. I have a severe procrastination problem. Now there's of you that may read this that have known me for years and go “No shit? You don't say.” and then there are a few that I pester the hell out of for having the same issues and until about four days ago it never really hit me, and even though I've figured it out and here for the first time will admit it. It's still hard to deal with. See last week sometime I set the deadline of next Friday for the 1st draft of the finishing touches to a collection I'm working on. The story's working title, “In Satan We Trust” and while I sat that deadline I haven't even laid down the first paragraph, well not even the first words. In reality I've done more for this blog in the last week then I have for that story. Now I've asked myself why it's so hard to sit down and start working on this because I've been doing this for a very long time and I never thought I'd find myself in this position.

Is it because of a lack of an idea? No, not in the least in fact the idea I have is very thought out and has been developing for quite some time.

Lack of Motivation? No I don't believe so, this is the finishing touches to something I've been working on for quite a while and after this then I will be able to send out letters to agents.

But then if that's the case and these two statements were true then what is it that's halted me from sitting down and writing this story?

Personally, I think it's just outright fear...

Fear of Failure.

I'm afraid of what will come out when I start writing this story, I'm afraid I've lost a bit of the touch I used to have and I'm afraid that the story won't be as good as I believe it can be.

All this taken into account, I still intend to turn this story into a story for the first time by next Friday which is the deadline I've sat for myself. If I manage to pull it off you will likely be the first set of people to learn this next week.

But I'd like to leave you with a simple question... Do you think that failure is an option or even likely, especially if I never manage to try? I want your personal opinions and stories of fear if you have any. I'd love to hear about your experiences.

Until next time you take a trip through the gates of hell and Into the Demon's Head,
I'm Kyle Robinson wishing you a safe trip back to the surface.

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