Friday, April 5, 2013

The Ride

In The Demon’s Head #95: The Ride

April 5, 2013
Happy Friday everyone. I hope that your weekend is ready to kick off in huge fashion. It’s been a real productive week for me. Editing is coming along on “Six Feet Under” and hopefully I can have it ready to go by next month. On a non-writing note, this is a huge weekend in my house. Why you may wonder? This Sunday is Wrestlemania Sunday. I’m sure almost everyone knows what Wrestlemania is. In my house though it’s almost like a tradition almost as big as the Superbowl. I’m very excited about Wrestlemania Sunday That’s enough about what’s going on this weekend let’s get onto today’s festivities. Take a look at the picture for today:

The Ride

It came up for sale on the internet,
One of those Facebook sites,
They wanted $350 dollars,
But the car looked to be in absolute,
Perfect condition,
I was skeptical,
But I took the meeting,
And decided that I wanted to know,
If it was too good to be true,
My head said that it was,
But I wanted to believe,
I was a kid,
Working minimum wage,
And needed a car,
It wasn’t the most masculine car,
But if it worked,
I couldn’t complain,
The car ran fine,
And the price tag,
Was indeed real,
So I bought it,
Weeks went by with no problems,
Then one day I found the car across the street,
As if pushed out of my driveway,
Perfectly parked,
I drove it for a few days,
Then one day I came out,
To find all the windows destroyed,
All four door windows,
The windshield,
And the back glass,
All broken in,
Nothing was missing,
And all of the glass seemed to be on the ground,
As if broken from the inside,
I fixed the windows,
And on the first drive to work,
I looked into the rearview,
And in the flash,
I thought I saw a child,
No more then 7,
But in a blink,
They were gone,
I sat at home that night,
And thought to look up the car,
Information was scarce,
But I found something that blew my mind,
The very car I was driving,
Had been wrecked,
Shortly after purchase,
The mother was driving down the road,
Her 7 year old son in the back,
They said that she had a meltdown,
And drove over a bridge,
Into the river,
The car sank,
As she laughed,
The son tried to fight,
But couldn’t get out before he drown,
The car was towed from the river,
Funerals held,
And the car was refinished,
Inside and Out,
And resold,
Reports were that people kept seeing a child,
In the back,
The kid was smiling,
In a sadistic way,
As if he was enjoying what was,
About to happen,
I laid awake that night,
And in my head,
I heard the laughter,
The sadistic laughter,
Of mother and child,
I heard a noise outside,
And leaned up to look out the window,
In the drivers’ seat,
The woman looked at me,
The split grin rolled across her face,
The son,
In the back smiling devilishly,
The car rolled backwards,
And suddenly made impact with an on-coming semi,
The car was crushed,
But as I stand here,
At the junk yard,
Looking at the scrap of metal,
I can’t help but thank the woman for saving my life,
Or maybe the son,
Should be the one to thank,
Because that grin,
Still haunts my dreams,
And I swear she mouthed the words,
Join Us,
Before the car rolled back,
In fact that image,
Still sends a chill down my spine,
I’m happy that they finally found a new home,
But I feel like I keep seeing something in the mirrors,
Of the house now,

About The Piece
This was one of the longer pieces that I’ve written for this photo-blogging challenge. It’s also one of the hardest that I had to come up with. The picture never really seemed to speak to me but I think I found a good story within it. Overall, the three pictures that I did this week seemed to be the hardest I’ve ran into but I think that the pieces do them justice. I’d love to know what you think. Feel free to share your feedback in the comments section.

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Until the next time you want to take a trip through the gates of hell and into the demon’s head, I’m Kyle Robinson wishing you a safe trip back to the surface. 

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