Monday, September 10, 2012

In The Demon's Head: Story Art: Ending at The End

In The Demon's Head #58: Story Art; Ending at the End
September 10, 2012

Hello everyone while I'll admit that this post is far later then I had originally planned, I want to take a moment to apologize about that. I'd like to take this chance to wrap up my blogging series involving Story Art, We've talked about the beginning, the middle, and now I'd like to talk to you about the ending.

I know I'm not the only one whose read a book that drug on for far too long, and if your anything like me you hate starting something and not finishing it so you pushed through. You were more excited for the ending then the climax because you wanted the story to be over for a long time.

This is an occurrence that happens to writers a lot more then they would like to admit. I'm one of those that is guilty of making stories drag on and I think it was mainly because I didn't want the story to end. I was so pleased with the product that I just kept writing and writing until finally the story lost it's appeal and fizzled out.

So this topic, like our others begs the question, where do we end? Simply put, we end at the end. How do you decide where the end is? There are two separate but completely right answers to this questions. First, if your story has an Epilogue or an afterwords that is connected to the story then you need to delete it and end your story with the last line on the page before that. That's answer one.

Answer two is this: You let your story decide when it's over. Stories in our heads have a good way of wrapping themselves up when they need to wrap up. So don't drag them out and let it go. If your story has more to tell you'll know, It's always easier to know when we don't have enough versus when we have too much.

The end of your story is the culmination of hours of hard work as you pushed to finish everything up on your piece of art. Don't push it further and further back just because you don't want to move onto a new project, something in this project is you holding you in place, or another reason that you can't seem to put that final period on the project that your working on.

Simply put once again, end at the end it's that simple.

That wraps up today's edition of “In The Demon's Head” I'll be back tomorrow at some point with a special edition of “In The Demon's Head” profiling 9/11 and how it has changed things in our country. Then Friday the general update returns, and I have very special information on this blog moving forward so be sure to check that out. As always you can visit my website to find my social media channels, get all the free writings, and many other things. If you want this blog fresh off the press, be sure to subscribe my putting your email in the box above and become a follower of the blog.

Until the next time that you want to take a trip through the gates of hell and into the demon's head, I'm Kyle Robinson wishing you a safe trip back to surface.

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