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In The Demon's Head: Facebook Help

In The Demon's Head #29: Facebook Help
June 6, 2012

Hello everyone I realize it's Wednesday my apologizes about the lateness. I should have had this up yesterday but I wasn't home and able to write it so I had to wait til tonight. Either way today's edition of “In The Demon's Head” is another special edition that will highlight a good way on how to help build your platform. Last week we talked about twitter and how to gather followers and some of the basic features of how it works, today I want to talk about the biggest Social Media site on the planet, Facebook.

Facebook is a huge social media website that connects people from around the world. It's been used to build campaigns for social outreach like the infamous Kony 2012 campaign. It's been used to help raise money for things like the March of Dimes, Ronald McDonald House Charities, The American Cancer Society the list goes on and on. It's also been used to help launch careers of musicians, video directors, screen writers alike. But how, as an author do you use Facebook to take your name to new heights? I'm here to at least try to answer that question.

Facebook consist of finding friends, making request, leaving status updates and liking things. While an established friend base is very useful to help launch your platform it isn't completely necessary. There are two very good ideas that will help you build a platform on Facebook. The first one is to create a Fan Page. The process is very simple, you go to a page that you currently like and click create page and follow the instructions. Facebook pages grow in popularity as they get likes, we've all seen the different types of pages on Facebook and imagine yours being on that list.

You post status on your Facebook Page wall the same that you post status on your Facebook personal page. It's best to keep your writing page filled with business style statuses, share your personal information on the personal page and share your writing stuff on the writing page. Pictures are the same way. Facebook pages work with the same basic principal as accounting for business, Keep your personal accounts separate from your business one.

It's also very good to populate your Facebook writing page and give it the type of style
that you give your writing. I have pictures on my Facebook Wall of my 1st draft mainly, I have some cover shots of pictures that were designed by a friend of mine and a few other things.

Finally two good things to remember when you have a writing Facebook page. Make the cover and profile pictures on these pages relevant, Headshots, cover art, things of that nature. Second, it's also a good idea if you can afford it to advertise on Facebook. You can pick the amount you pay as well as length of the campaign and number of ads. I've learned a lot about advertising and I have to say it's one of the most cost effective and most user friendly and controlled ways to get the word out about your writing. I spent 40 bucks over the course of a month and nearly doubled the amount of likes that I had on my Facebook Page.

All these things together can help you build a platform that will give you some leverage as you set out to sell your works of fiction. Also, in case your on the fence about beginning a platform let me tell you, it's never too early because these things don't build overnight you'll need to start as soon as possible.

That's about all I've got for today, Join me again Friday as I give you an update on the editing process of recently completely “More then Memories” Then next Tuesday as I talk about something that I'm sure every writer has faced, “Rejection Frustration” If you have any questions about this topic please feel free to send me a message on Facebook or by sending me an email by clicking here.

Until the next time you want to take a trip through the gates of hell and into the demon's head, I'm Kyle Robinson wishing you a safe trip back to the surface.

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