Friday, March 30, 2012

In The Demon's Head #5

In The Demon's Head #5

March 12, 2012

Hello everyone and once again welcome to this week's In The Demon's Head thank you so much for joining us. I will apologize in advance first for this copy being so late, 3 days to be exact, and second for it being shorter then normal I'm just not feeling the best today.

However, I had to pipe in and tell you guys once again Thank You for helping me secure a few more likes last week and we're currently up to 33, about 17 shy of the 50 Mark which is my next milestone but we will get there.

Also, in case you missed it today is a Call To Action Day, what that means is I want you guys to share my page with the world. On your timeline, your friend's timeline, either way doesn't matter just share it with the world.

Also, amongst the break I took which I am sure some of you noticed I decided it was time that I came up with a name for the collection that I'm currently building. While this is a total working title and may not even be the final say I am really swinging toward the new Title “More then Memories: A collection of Short Stories and Poetry” I think I like it.

Also, I learned in the last week that the editing process will a little later then expected because I am intending to include quite a few more poems and another short story to the mix which will give it some more length since right now after the first draft I'm sitting on only 78 computer pages. Not that many but that's why we love editing and revising right.

That's pretty much everything I've got for today but I'd like to take out some time real fast to first thank my wonderful friend and editor Mrs. Dee Dee Everett, whose kept helping me make my writings and postings better through things I'm learning from her. And I'd like to thank Liz Butler just for being a constant source of inspiration and making me strive to be better at everything I do.

Thank you guys for reading and....

Until the next time you stumble through the gates of hell and take a trip Into the Demon's Head, I'm Kyle Robinson wishing you a safe trip back to the surface.

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