Friday, August 24, 2012

In The Demon's Head: Story Art- Intro

In The Demon's Head #54: Story Art Blogging Series Intro
August 24, 2012

So usually I would use Friday as the general update section of my blog. However, today marks the beginning of a new blogging series which will last for the next couple of weeks. Like my promotional techniques series, this will be a series about story art. I will be covering ideas, the beginning, the middles, and the ends.

Now why would I do a series like this you may wonder. It's very simple actually, I've been looking for a way to help spread the writing message to people I love to help people improve their writing and this was the best way that I could do it.

Let me break down a little of how this is going to work...

This is going to be a 4 part series not counting this intro that will focus only on how to improve your stories and writing. The first part is Getting Ideas

In this section I plan on talking a bit about how I get ideas, how I figure out a good from a bad idea, and how I decide if it's an idea that I deserve to write about or should I leave it for someone else.

The second part is about where to begin your stories, there's been a considerable amount of debate concerning this so I thought I'd take this chance to offer up my thoughts on how I feel stories should begin. I think a lot of it has variable but we'll cover that more soon.

The third part is about how important the middle of your book is, a lot people don't realize how important it is because they've always been harped on how important the climax and the beginning hook are, it kinda leaves out the middle, that ends here.

Finally, we'll talk about the end of your stories or novels, sometimes I've read books where the end came far too early then other times it just kept going until you really thought there was no end, but how do we end at the end? We'll talk more about that here.

I plan on covering the basic parts to stories and tell you how each part matters and why it's important to make each the best that you can. If you can write a great story through and through you'll quickly be able to find that people love your writing and will be eagerly awaiting each next thing that you put out.

Until this Tuesday have a safe weekend, I can't wait to get this started, and as you've read this if you feel I've left something out feel free to leave me a comment or drop me an email and if I feel that we share the same thoughts and I did indeed forget it, then consider it added. I hope to hear from you.

Until the next time you want to take a trip through the gates of hell and into the demon's head, I'm Kyle Robinson wishing you a safe trip back to the surface.

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